We are known as CDFaudio

Coup de foudre literally means clap of thunder, the expression is used to describe love at first sight.

We are a small boutique, owned by dedicated individuals, professionals with great skill and experience.

Being fiercely independent has allowed us to curate a selection of the world’s finest electronics and loudspeakers. Choosing the products and companies we work with solely on merit, we have gained an impeccable reputation in North America for our unique hi-end systems.

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Supporting the culture

We have been developing our expertise over several decades and as a stereo and video boutique since 2005.
We love music and film and take our products and client relationships very seriously.

Our motivation is simply to bring extra-ordinary audio systems to those passionate about music.

We propose taking the time to discover elegantly designed, beautifully engineered and well crafted components. You are welcome, in our listening room, in our studio, at your home or business to audition the absolute finest hi-fidelity and home-theatre equipment.

You can rely on our care to lead you to realize your ultimate system.

Our Team


“Good morning Graeme, I've received speakers thursday night at 7:00 P.M. as promised. After dedicated manutention and very great care of the environment , map the room and placed very professionally the two speakers. It was a joy to watch the work like an artist who his creating a new master art ! After few…”

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