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Graham Audio is a family-owned British company based in Newton Abbot, a small market town in Devon, south-west England. We are passionate about high-quality audio and believe that the classic BBC loudspeaker designs offer levels of neutrality, transparency and realism that are hard to find elsewhere today. Using modern components and production techniques we have been able to push the performance while remaining true to the original designs.

We might be small, but we are proud to work with some of the best talent in the industry, including Derek Hughes and Volt Loudspeakers. Our loudspeaker systems are available throughout the world from carefully selected outlets who have full demonstration facilites, and will support you through the selection and setting up process.

All loudspeakers are hand-assembled on-site. One person is responsible for the whole process, including testing and auditioning. A second person double-checks the completed product, repeating the testing as a matter of course and saving the results for future reference. As part of the test procedure, all completed loudspeakers are compared to our master reference samples to ensure complete consistency.

Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.

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  • BBC LS3/5
  • BBC LS5/9
  • BBC LS5/8

“I have received speakers just one hour ago, and already had a chance to connect them. What a sound! Pure Bordeaux. I truly appreciate your time, expertise and enthusiasm assisting me to make a life-time purchase. I wish you sincerely a wonderful Holiday Season. Best wishes,”

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