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At 30 years of age in 1979 the designer of Leben amps, Mr. Hyodo left Luxman and established his own “Kouri Denki Co.” At the time he was manufacturing electronic components and parts, and designing amplifiers mainly for private projects; Cafe bars, restaurants, etc…
The first commercial based product “TRIODE 33″(under “KFH” brand) was released in 1991 with very premium and rare tube 3C33, and later a first model under “Leben” brand was a power amplifier RS-35a (with 6L6GC) released in 1995.

His amplifiers are known as a product of passion, with very few models in production. Made by hand in Japan in small quantities ,and using select components with a self biasing circuit, these lovely jewels have developed a loyal following worldwide. Inviting musicality, warm, balanced…simply and beautifully crafted.

Absolutely amazing, gratifying, and rewarding.  Rather than list its virtues – we’d be here all day – I’ll just say that every time I listen to it I feel it would be absolutely impossible to improve on it.

Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.

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  • Pre Amplifier:
  • Leben RS-28CX Pre-amp with Phono
  • Integrated Amplifier:
  • Leben CS300F
  • Leben CS300XS
  • Leben CS600
  • Power Amplifier:
  • Leben CS-1000


  • Phono Stage:
  • Leben RS30EQ

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Total freakin’ magic

… What I can talk about is how profound the emotional experience I have is with the Leben. It triggers simultaneously a unique combination of feeling and creativity. Through the music, the Leben asks me into the space it creates and invites me to co-create with it. It is such a deeply moving experience that… Read more >

“I'd like to take moment to thank you for the warm welcome and time we spent together in your store earlier this week. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and understanding more about your business. I'm thrilled with your passion and motivation towards the high end of the audio world and wish you much continued success!…”

— AF, Read more >