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The makers of LM audio are extraordinary in every respect. This is not your typical Chinese audio manufacturer, this small company is located close to Hong Kong and is managed by two brothers with a passion for Western Electric amplifier designs. At the onset the brothers worked in repair and refurbishment of vintage tube amps but were so adept in the Western Electric tube designs that they formed a production company to further their own interest and designs.

In current production are some extraordinary Amplifiers, Integrated amps, D/A converters, Digital sources and also speakers using reproductions of legendary Western Electric drivers and horns.

They have built their company around a philosophy that in their own words: is not just a product but a way of life.

The dedication to this type of manufacturing, around vintage tube sound and circuitry is uncommon according to today’s manufacturing standards. These gentlemen spare no effort to attain their musical goal and have achieved what they refer to in their designs as “Art for the heart.”


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Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.

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  • Integrated Amplifiers:
  • LM Mini 218 EL84 Single Ended
  • LM 211IA EL34 Push Pull
  • LM 216IA KT88 Push Pull
  • LM 218IA 845 Single Ended
  • LM 210IA 300B Single Ended
  • LM 219IA 845 Single Ended
  • LM 501IA KT 120 Push Pull
  • LM 518IA 845 Single Ended
  • Pre Amplifiers:
  • VV-3 Tube Pre Amplifier
  • LM-1126 Line Preamplifier with 20B External Supply
  • 25B Line (129A and 18A)
  • 25B Phono (129A, RIAA and 18A)
  • 25B Phono ans Line (129A, 129A, RIAA and 20B)
  • Power Amplifiers:
  • AM-2 300B Single Ended
  • AM-3 300B Push Pull
  • WE 91A 300B Single Ended
  • WE 86A 300B Push Pull
  • LM 41.2 212 Single Ended
  • LM 212 Single Ended


  • Sources:
  • LM 215CD cd player
  • LM 515CD cd player/dac
  • LM 502CA dac


  • Speakers:
  • 755A Alnico Bookshelf
  • 755EX Field Coil Floor Standing with PR-3 Supply
  • 6A System

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Trippin’ on the Line Magnetic

By Tim Smith, Wall of sound

What was I hoping to hear? Power and finesse. Warm single ended triode tone with low bass and high headroom. The best of both worlds. Did I get my wish? OMG yes! This amp has found a permanent home. What’s the secret sauce? Those 845 power tubes, of course. The king of the valves. SET magic… Read more >


Coup de Foudre A specialty retailer in Montreal. They carry the Line Magnetic equipment. They demonstrated a speaker with a single full range driver that uses a magnetic field coil to manage the bass using two B300 outboard amps and driven by an LM 845 amp. The cabinet looks like a sort of half-size Tannoy… Read more >

“Hi Jennifer It was great seeing and speaking with you at Salon Son et Image and thanks a lot for your invite. Everything was fantastic: the scotch, appetizers, and the most important  - great people! Many thanks for the great time! Oles  ”

— ProStudioMasters.com, Inc., Read more >