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Shindo Labs makes jewels for your ears and from there a straight shot to your heart. For 30 years Shindo Labs based in Japan, has hand designed and built devastatingly fine electronics. There is something more than electrical signal, right materials and math involved here. There is the “The music mind”. It takes something deep to be able to  create this much realism and beauty from audio gear; It takes passion, skill, an open mind and a life long quest for perfection.

Open the top cover of a Shindo you will find a hand wired point to point circuit with a meticulous layout. It features the best parts of yesterday and today including all NOS tubes from the 50’s and 60’s, oil capacitors, hand wired transformers etc.  What is the Shindo sound? Pure emotion, startling dynamics, high resolution, pitch black backgrounds with a complete naturalness and emotional feel which will keep you up all night listening to your favorite music. These components are carefully built one at a time, just like in the old days.

While the world moves toward mediocrity, it’s a relief to find a company like Shindo Labs.

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Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.

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  • Preamplifiers:
  • Aurieges-L
  • Aurieges
  • Partager
  • Monbrison
  • Masseto
  • Vosne-Romanee-L
  • Vosne-Romanee
  • Giscours
  • Petrus
  • Power Amplifiers:
  • Montille 6V6
  • Montille CV391
  • Haut Brion 6L6
  • Cortese F2a
  • Corton-Charlemagne EL34
  • Corton-Charlemagne 80 KT88
  • Lagrange AT-20
  • D'Yquem
  • Lafon GM70
  • Western Electric 300B Single Limited
  • Phono Preamplifier:
  • Aurieges Phono
  • Integrated Amplifier:
  • Apetite 6V6


  • Speakers:
  • Lafite 8"Field Coil Teak Cabinet
  • WE753 Style Field Coil High Frequency
  • Petite 604E Alnico
  • Petite 604 Full Field Coil
  • 604E Alnico Latour Cabinet
  • 604E Full Field Coil Latour Cabinet
  • Petite Latour Alnico
  • Petite Latour Full Field Coil
  • Latour Reference Full Field Coil
  • Latour Double Woofer Full Feild Coil


  • Cables:
  • Silver Signal RCA
  • Silver Speaker Cable
  • Transformers:
  • Mr. T Conditioner 6 Outlet
  • Arome CD Transformer

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By Art Dudley, Stereophile

When you’ve had enough of spending thousands of dollars on the kind of sound that the gurus say you ought to like, and you’re ready to please yourself by spending your money on gear that you stand a chance of loving and keeping and handing down to your descendants, you can do no better than… Read more >

Simply incredible

Dear Graeme, About three weeks ago, I picked up our new preamp the Shindo Monbrison. In the last couple of years my wife and I went trough major upgrades of our system,but never one of this magnitude. In greek the word ”stereo” means ”solid”, and that very well describes one of the aspect that the… Read more >

“L. came home from work, put on his sweat pants, made himself a amaretto and coke with ice, went in the theater, sat down and stared at the blank screen for half an hour. Then he closed his jaw, smiled and said "boy that Jennifer did a great job, I love it!" no joke. Thanks…”

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