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We were certainly not in the market for another tube amplifier when we auditioned the Triode Lab. We were very impressed from the first listen. These little gems are contenders on the world stage of low wattage tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers, taking every note and nuance in stride. They are subtle and very musical and totally sophisticated in design. They are easy on the wallet and built to last with great care by some marvelous Canadian designers.

Building testing and customizing amps for many years and under many conditions, the good folks at Triode have mastered a few skills.

It is among our favourites and must be heard.

These could be the 3.5 most important watts on the planet.


Detailed information on individual models and technical data are best found directly with the manufacturer. We invite you to connect with them here. We urge you to request specific demonstration or discussion with CDF directly for all of your questions.

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  • Model : AU PRE
  • 12AU7/ECC82 Tube Reference Phono Preamplifier
  • Amplifiers:
  • EL84TT
  • 2A3 Classic
  • 2A3 SET Mono
  • 2A3 Push Pull
  • 211

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seriously good

By Rick Becker, Enjoythemusic.com

“We put the CD into forward, listened for a brief moment, looked at each other and simultaneously broke out into laughter. This is a seriously good amplifier in spite of its humble appearance. The top end is rolled off. The presentation is dark, being centered on the lower midrange with a full, sumptuous bass. Attack… Read more >

“L. came home from work, put on his sweat pants, made himself a amaretto and coke with ice, went in the theater, sat down and stared at the blank screen for half an hour. Then he closed his jaw, smiled and said "boy that Jennifer did a great job, I love it!" no joke. Thanks…”

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